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Hearts on close pegs, clipped on edge of paper

Heart to Heart

Issue #486

Date posted on October 28, 2022

THE THREE EPARCHS OF THE UKRAINIAN CATHOLIC CHURCH serving in Canada published a Pastoral Letter recently “to the Clergy, Religious and Faithful of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada, and to all Good People”, calling for prayer, fasting, and action as “the war in Ukraine rages on with no end in site.” They compare the current dire situation of the people of Ukraine to “the Holodomor-Genocide (Ukrainian Famine) of 1932-1933, which claimed the lives of millions of people in Ukraine”. They implore people to pray daily for peace in Ukraine, to fast for the people of Ukraine and for peace in their country, and to give alms as a way to identify with the needs of the people of Ukraine. It is a clear roadmap to making a difference in Ukraine.

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Issue #485

Date posted on October 21, 2022

MOTHER TERESA: NO GREATER LOVE, the newest documentary film from the Knights of Columbus, will be premiered in Canada at Kitchener and Waterloo theatres this November 2nd and 3rd. It premiered in the United States earlier this month and was a smashing success. The Knights have announced that profits from the film will be allocated to charitable purposes advancing the legacy of the popular Saint. The documentary was released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of her death. Check here for the movie trailer and more information.

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Issue #484

Date posted on October 14, 2022

A PASTORAL LETTER TO YOUNG PEOPLE from the Catholic Bishops of Canada was released on October 12, 2022, a day when the young Blessed Carlo Acutis is remembered – the first “millennial” to be proclaimed “Blessed”! Signed by Bishop Raymond Poisson, Bishop of St. Jerome – Mont Laurier and the President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, the letter is the result of many ZOOM conversations, which took place in both English and French, between over 200 young people from across the country and Bishops of the Conference. The lively conversations resulted in the letter of reassurance and encouragement available here. A video summarizes the letter and makes it more easily accessible. Thanks especially to CCCB staffers, Marg Shea Lawrence and Michelle Dabrowski, for seeing this dynamic project through to such an encouraging completion.

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Issue #483

Date posted on October 7, 2022

THE SOLEMN CROWNING OF OUR LADY IMMACULATE at the Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate in Guelph took place at the final Mass for the 2022 Marian Days, Saturday, October 1st. After Deacon Quinto Tami processed with the jeweled crown throughout the filled church, providing parishioners and visitors a “close-up” look, Father Ian Duffy, Basilica Rector, read the decree signed in 2019 by Pope Francis giving permission for the crowning. Once the crown was blessed, Deacon Tami carried it to the lift which raised him to the level of the statue of Our Lady where he carefully placed the crown on her head. The Basilica choir, in its finest form, sang a hymn of praise and thanksgiving and the Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary was celebrated! Sincere thanks to Father Duffy for such a joyful celebration honouring Our Lady Immaculate!


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