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Hearts on close pegs, clipped on edge of paper

Heart to Heart

Issue #225

Date posted on December 24, 2015

THREE SYRIAN REFUGEES VISITED THE CHANCERY OFFICE EARLIER THIS WEEK to meet with Erin Pease, Director of the Diocesan Office for Refugees. One of the three young men arrived on the first plane of Syrian refugees from Beirut, Lebanon, on December 10th. (An interview at Pearson International Airport can be found on our Diocesan website.) They are all sponsored by St. Michael’s Parish in Waterloo. The Parish is expecting other arrivals in the coming days.

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Issue #224

Date posted on December 18, 2015

THE OPENING OF THE HOLY DOOR AT THE CATHEDRAL BASILICA OF CHRIST THE KING was a beautiful event. A “standing-room-only” crowd gathered in Bishop McNally Hall for the opening rite and processed to the Holy Door where the two men who crafted the doors opened them to welcome the pilgrims who passed through the doors and into the Cathedral. They just kept coming – until the place was packed. Thanks to those who organized the unique event and to all who made the trek to participate. Thanks to Pastors who encouraged parishioners to join us for the memorable occasion and who themselves travelled long distances on a Sunday evening to be there!

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Issue #223

Date posted on December 11, 2015

THE OPENING OF THE HOLY DOOR OF ST. PETER’S BASILICA IN ROME, marking the beginning of the Year of Mercy, was a simple yet solemn event. Because the date coincided with the visit of the CCCB Presidency to Rome, we were able to concelebrate with Pope Francis on December 8th, a distinctive blessing for us…

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Issue #222

Date posted on December 4, 2015

A BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS CRÈCHE ADORNS THE CHANCERY ENTRANCE FOYER, reminding staff and visitors alike that we are in the sacred season of Advent, preparing for the beautiful feast of Christmas. Little by little, over the coming weeks, Priests, pastoral staff, and parish choirs will ensure that everything is ready for the celebration of the birth of the Prince of Peace. The Advent season is a time to open our hearts to welcome Him. We do that by treating others with a similar love that the Father showers upon us each day! Thanks to those who prepared the beautiful crèche!

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