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Hearts on close pegs, clipped on edge of paper

Heart to Heart

Issue #312

Date posted on January 26, 2018

LAST WEEK’S MULTICULTURAL MASS was a colourful and joyful gathering. Music for the Mass was provided by a variety of cultures and languages. Entertainment in McNally Hall was lively, and the food was gobbled up quickly. Newcomers, sponsored by Regina Mundi Parish, were among those who gathered for the event! They are settling into their new life quickly – and have made new friends at their schools. Next year’s Mass will be celebrated in September, when weather will surely be more amenable!

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Issue #311

Date posted on January 19, 2018

TWO SISTERS OF ST. JOSEPH who have given their lives to St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton were honoured yesterday as they retired from years of volunteering! Sr. Patricia came to St. Joseph’s as a young woman in 1943 and has served the institution in a variety of capacities since that time. Sr. Giovanni arrived in 1960 and never left! They were honoured at a luncheon reception attended by a large group of people who are sad to see them go. “I miss them already!” said one of employees standing near me. We add our thanks to the long list of people who greeted them yesterday, and we wish them well in retirement! 

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Issue #310

Date posted on January 12, 2018

THE SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION WILL BE CELEBRATED in Parishes throughout the Diocese following the Christmas season. Bishop Anthony Tonnos will celebrate at St. Patrick Parish, Cambridge, tonight and next Friday evening. I will be at Mary Mother of God Parish, Oakville, for three celebrations next weekend. I am grateful to Bishop Tonnos, Bishop Ustrzycki and Bishop Miehm, who are so gracious in accepting to help. Bishop Peter Hundt will assist for 10 days or so later in the year. We pray for the young people who are presenting themselves for the sacrament. Thanks to the Pastors, teachers and catechists who work so hard to assure they are well prepared.

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Issue #309

Date posted on January 5, 2018

BISHOP ANTHONY KROTKI, OMI, from the Diocese of Churchill-Hudson Bay is visiting the Chancery Office for a “Lunch and Learn”, meeting the staff and informing us about the Diocese. The “twinning” which involves the Archdiocese of St. Boniface, the Diocese of St. Catharines, and the Diocese of Hamilton, provides support to his northern Diocese. Already the Diocese of Hamilton has provided some logistical and administrative support, some financial support, and some pastoral support, including Priestly support over Christmas and Easter, and visits from some of our Pastoral Offices. We welcome the Bishop warmly and thank him for the wintry weather he has been sending our way over the past few weeks!!!

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