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Hearts on close pegs, clipped on edge of paper

Heart to Heart

Issue #341

Date posted on October 26, 2018

THIS YEAR’S ST. JEROME’S FEAST, the annual celebration at St. Jerome’s University, was a gathering of students, alumni, staff, administration and benefactors. Katherine Bergman, University President, oversaw the evening, and members of the SJU Students’ Union assured that everyone was warmly welcomed! Mr. Rob Way, a Kitchener-Waterloo entrepreneur and philanthropist was the recipient of the Chancellor John Sweeney Award for Catholic Leadership. It was a joy-filled evening! 

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Issue #340

Date posted on October 19, 2018

THE ENTIRE SPIRITUAL CARE TEAM from the Hospitals of the St. Joseph’s Health System met with me in Hamilton earlier this week to talk about their ministry and to share the impact of their vocation in their lives. It was a powerful and deeply moving experience for all. In thanking them for their service, I was able to emphasize the importance of their pastoral care especially at such a vulnerable time in the lives of patients! Thanks to all the Chaplains for their commitment to accompany and care! 

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Issue #339

Date posted on October 12, 2018

THESE ARE EXCITING TIMES FOR ST. BENEDICT PARISH IN MILTON! The construction of the new church begins on Monday (15th). The architect, contractors and building committee will meet to assure that everything is ready to go. It is hoped that the building will be completed by January 2020, with a blessing and dedication to take place sometime in the Spring of the year. May it all go well! 

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Issue #338

Date posted on October 5, 2018

BISHOP RYAN CATHOLIC SECONDARY SCHOOL celebrates its 60th Anniversary this weekend! An article in The Hamilton Spectator lauds former Principal, Father Ron Cote, the second Principal of the school, for his lengthy service, and lists many of the highly successful alumni of the school. A photo shows Father Cote and current Principal, Emidio Piccion, admiring a portrait of Bishop Joseph Ryan, the school’s Founder, and the corner stone which he placed in the original school 60 years ago! Congratulations to the school for a remarkable history of providing the finest Catholic education to untold numbers of lucky students. Have a great celebration!

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