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Hearts on close pegs, clipped on edge of paper

Heart to Heart

Issue #393

Date posted on February 28, 2020

THE NATIONAL CONFERENCE for the Canadian Catholic Youth Ministers Network, which was held at the Convention Centre in Hamilton last weekend was an unqualified success! Congratulations to Christina Mines and Nicole McCowell for their good work in assuring that everything was ready to welcome the 170 participants and various keynote speakers. There were many challenges to face due to train cancellations and health issues, but with the professional help of our Chancery personnel, the bases were covered. The CCYMN Executive met for several days afterwards at Mount Mary Immaculate Retreat Centre. It was a stellar event!

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Issue #392

Date posted on February 21, 2020

THE CANADIAN CATHOLIC YOUTH MINISTRY NETWORK CONFERENCE – HOPE COMES HOME begins today. Yesterday, five participants from the Diocese of Churchill-Hudson Bay, arrived in Hamilton. Three Inuit women, a Priest, and a lay minister, all from Whale Cover and Naujaat, Nunavut, were hosted at a dinner sponsored by our Youth Ministry Office last evening. It was a fine start to the Conference that will welcome 170 participants from across the country! Exciting times!

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Issue #391

Date posted on February 14, 2020

YOUNG ROBERT TAYE from Mrs. Vitulli’s Grade 7 French Immersion class at St. Eugene Catholic Elementary School in Hamilton received First Place for the Diocese of Hamilton in the 2020 Creative Kids contest sponsored by The Hamilton Spectator! This year’s theme was: Hope Within Us, Hope for the World. Congratulations to Robert, and to all the students in the class for their creative designs!

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Issue #390

Date posted on February 7, 2020

THE COUNCIL OF PRIESTS OF THE DIOCESE OF HAMILTON meets next Tuesday, February 11th, in the Bishops’ Board Room at the Chancery. This was to have been the first meeting under the leadership of Father Tim Hingston. His unexpected death makes it necessary for the Council to elect a new Chair! The Council of Priests meets four times during the Pastoral Year to discuss matters of interest and concern to the Priests of the Diocese, and to provide counsel to the Bishop. We pray for the blessing of the Holy Spirit at this meeting – and all meetings!

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