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Hearts on close pegs, clipped on edge of paper

Heart to Heart

Issue #421

Date posted on December 11, 2020

CHRISTMAS MIDNIGHT MASS FROM THE CATHEDRAL BASILICA will be broadcast again this year. The Mass will be preceded by a Carol Service beginning at 11:30 p.m. Both the Mass and the Carol Service will be broadcast by Salt + Light Media and shared with CHCH TV. Due to COVID restrictions, all seating for Midnight Mass has already been reserved. Join us for the broadcast and share in the joy of this Christmas feast!

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Issue #420

Date posted on December 4, 2020

WISE MEN WEAR MASKS! So do good shepherds! This year’s Christmas Crib at the Chancery has a COVID-19 pandemic addition. The Magi and the shepherds, who are not part of the Holy Family “bubble” are wearing masks! Since they cannot follow the social distancing protocol, the masks are mandatory! Thanks to the Christmas decorators for reminding us of our responsibility to care for one another especially during these dangerous times!

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Issue #419

Date posted on November 27, 2020

ST. BENEDICT CHURCH IN MILTON is nearing completion. The Mass of Dedication was originally scheduled for this coming Sunday. Because the church is still in the final stages of completion it was decided to continue completing the work, to begin celebrating Mass in the church prior to Christmas, and to reschedule the Mass of Dedication to early July, 2021. Congratulations to Father Jim Petrie and his team for a remarkably beautiful church which will serve parishioners in Milton for years to come!

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Issue #418

Date posted on November 20, 2020

THE HOLY FATHER, POPE FRANCIS, has graciously granted Papal Honours to a Priest and several parishioners in the Diocese of Hamilton. The honours will be conferred on the recipients at a celebration to take place at the Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King on January 3, 2021, Feast of the Epiphany. COVID-19 protocols will be in effect.

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Issue #417

Date posted on November 13, 2020

THE ILLUMINATION OF THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE in The Saint John’s Bible displayed in the Bishop Farrell Library and Archives, gives some insight into our attitude in face of modern day threats: tanks, oil rigs, symbols of nuclear disaster, and microscopic images of viruses and diseases! Amidst the chaos, however, are thin slivers of holographic foil – the light of Christ still with us. The artist, Donald Jackson intended it as “a portrait of environmental, human, and cosmic destruction”. As the pandemic impacts us all not just as a health crisis but in connection to our environmental, social and economic priorities, we can also see the value of the pastoral care provided in our ministry to others.

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Issue #416

Date posted on November 6, 2020

THE NATIONAL EVANGELIZATION TEAM (NET), based in Ottawa, has sent a seven-member Team to Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Stoney Creek at the invitation of Father Bill Trusz, Pastor. The Team will work with the young people of the Parish for the coming two years, encouraging their growth in faith and understanding the Gospels. Welcome to Pierre Caron (London, ON), Peter Roddis (Abbotsford, BC), Kyle Abrahamse (Whitby, ON), Emily Shortell (Belleville, ON), Abbygail MacDonald (Halifax, NS), Marinna Fillion (Tache, MB), and Amber Laybolt (Charlottetown, PEI)! In previous years, NET Ministries has visited certain Parishes in the Diocese to assist in preparing our young people for the Sacrament of Confirmation. We look forward to having this Team do their transformative and evangelizing work.

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Issue #415

Date posted on October 23, 2020

THE SACARAMENT OF CONFIRMATION, postponed in the spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is being celebrated in our Parishes under strict pandemic protocols. Parish Priests have been delegated to administer the Sacrament. The celebration at St. Gregory the Great Slovenian Parish, Hamilton took place last Saturday. Everyone followed the protocols carefully – and the confirmandi will always have happy memories about the important celebration. Thanks to all who are assuring the safe and joyful celebration of Confirmation this autumn!

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Issue #414

Date posted on October 16, 2020

NEW PRIESTS AND NEW PASTORS serving in the Diocese of Hamilton will participate in orientation and formation sessions over the coming weeks. The sessions include presentations on the diocesan governance structure, screening protocols, misconduct policies and procedures, communications and privacy policies. It also provides information about the history of Catholic schools in Ontario, and ministry expectations in elementary and secondary schools and universities. The Growing In Faith, Growing in Christ catechetical program is featured. Youth ministry, sacramental preparation, diocesan policies, RCIA, and liturgical celebrations including an overview of the liturgical books available are also covered. They also learn about financial and administration policies, including working with Finance Councils and Parish Pastoral Councils, professional conduct and collaborative ministry. Marriage Preparation, marriage forms, dispensations, and the Diocesan Marriage Tribunal are part of the process. Finally, speech and language expectations are also addressed. Thanks to Monsignor Murray Kroetsch, Jim Long and other Diocesan personnel for the care and attention you give to the new Priests and Pastors who are beginning their ministry in the Diocese!

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Issue #413

Date posted on October 9, 2020

THIS IS NATIONAL CATHOLIC HEALTH CARE WEEK 2020, and it is sponsored by the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada (CHAC)! The theme of the week is AWAKEN: Revealing the Courageous Gift of Catholic Health Care. A few facts about Catholic Health Care in Canada: There are 129 Catholic health care organizations in Canada, offering 19,575 beds. Staff numbering 88,000+ serve more than 5 million people annually, with a 6 billion dollar operating budget! Catholic Health Care in Canada is inspired by the example of the Founding Sisters – visionary women who for generations advocated and cared for the most destitute people in their communities. Their ministry has become the mission of a multitude of leaders and this mission makes the Canadian health care system and Canadian society stronger! What a blessing you are for us!

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Issue #412

Date posted on October 2, 2020

THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF THE CATHOLIC WOMEN’S LEAGUE OF CANADA announced a national initiative to plant 100 trees across Canada for the celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the League. The major celebration of the anniversary, scheduled to take place at their National Convention in Montreal this summer, was cancelled because of COVID pandemic concerns. The tree planting project became their major effort. The League Council at St. Michael Parish in Waterloo, with the encouragement of enthusiastic President Shani Pregejl, committed to planting one of the 100 trees! Last Saturday, in the presence of several Past Presidents from the Parish, most of the current Parish CWL Executive, and our own Shari Guinta from the National CWL Council, a flowering pear tree was planted and blessed. Photos were taken to mark the occasion. Congratulations to the Catholic Women’s League nationally on such a significant milestone. The Diocesan Council of the League also marked their 100th anniversary this year – the planned celebration was also cancelled! A note of interest: Frances Lovering, from the Hamilton Diocesan CWL, became the second National President of the League. She is buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Burlington. For 100 years members of the Catholic Women’s League – the largest grass-roots organization of women in Canada – have been carrying out good works For God and Canada! We wish you many more happy years!

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Issue #411

Date posted on September 25, 2020

THE 106TH WORLD DAY OF MIGRANTS AND REFUGEES will be celebrated this Sunday, September 27th. This year’s theme is Forced Like Jesus Christ To Flee! Pope Francis encourages us to reflect on the community of internally displaced peoples across the globe – those who have been forcibly displaced within the borders of their country of citizenship. At the end of 2019, the UN Refugee Agency reported that an astonishing 45.7 million people were internally displaced due to armed conflict, generalized violence or human rights violations. It is noteworthy that this number is larger than the world’s refugee population – those who have been forced to cross an international border in search of protection. While COVID-19 has undermined the ability of the Diocese of Hamilton to host our Annual Multicultural Mass this year, we encourage everyone to call to mind this important day in your prayers!

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Issue #410

Date posted on September 18, 2020

OCTOBER 4th-10th IS NATIONAL CATHOLIC HEALTH CARE WEEK. The week recognizes the inspiring work of Catholic health care organizations in our Province and across Canada. At the heart of Catholic health care is a deep respect for the intrinsic value and dignity of every human being and an unwavering commitment to serving all people, from all backgrounds and faiths – especially society’s most vulnerable. The COVID-19 pandemic has called us to reflect on the importance of human connection, quality of life, and the meaning of well-being – body, mind and spirit. We give thanks for the courageous gift of Catholic health care during these challenging times – in hospitals, community health centres, and senior care centres. For more information visit the website of the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada.

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