Sarah Guinta

Coordinator, Office of Justice and Peace

Sarah Guinta




Office of Justice and Peace

Welcome to the Office of Justice and Peace

This is the main portal to access resources and information on social justice related information within the Hamilton Diocese. Please feel free to contact us with issues affecting your local Parish and communities or with resources to share.

When lending support to various projects and organizations, we look at sustainable practices that maintain the dignity and well being of those in need. Whenever possible we work for holistic, well thoughtout projects that strive for long-term outcomes.

Parish Level:
If you would like to kickstart or join a social justice committee within your Parish please get in touch and join our mailing list so we can provide resources and support.

Diocesan Level:
Take a look at our calendar to see what events are coming up and how you can get involved. Also feel free to contact the office with any feedback, ideas or questions you may have.