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Season of Creation 2023: Let Justice and Peace Flow

Season of Creation

To honour the message of Laudato Si’, the global church recognizes the Season of Creation from September 1-October 4 each year. This is a time to renew our commitment as stewards of creation and to resond faithfully to the calls to action in the Pope’s encycle Laudato Si’. A season to demonstrate our resonsilbities to each other and our common home.

"In Canada, in July 2022, I spoke of the Sea of Galilee where Jesus brought healing and consolation to many people and proclaimed “a revolution of love”. Lac Ste. Anne, I learned, is also a place of healing, consolation and love, a place that “reminds us that fraternity is genuine if it unites those who are far apart, [and] that the message of unity that heaven sends down to earth does not fear differences, but invites us to fellowship, a communion of differences, in order to start afresh together, because we are all pilgrims on a journey”."


Sarah Guinta

Coordinator of the Office of Justice and Peace

905-528-7988 Ext. 2259
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