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All marriage preparation programs are cancelled until the end of August. Registration for courses in the fall will be added to the website once it is confirmed that larger gatherings are permitted. Please check back now and then as we will post the new dates as soon as it is possible to do so. 

If your wedding is to take place before you can reschedule your course, you are given permission to marry without meeting the marriage preparation requirement. We strongly encourage couples in this situation to consider re-booking their course to one of the other available programs when they are posted, even though you will already be married. The program is proven to have a positive long term impact on marriages. 

If you have questions about any of this, please contact Teresa Hartnett, Director of the Family Ministry Office, at Reimbursement for anyone registered for a course that has been cancelled will receive a refund to your credit card as soon as possible. You will need to re-register for any new program chosen.

Marriage Preparation

Congratulations to both of you as you enter into the beautiful vocation of marriage. With God at your side you will be starting on a lifetime journey of love.

Love by its very nature requires a giving and receiving by each person in relationship and marriage requires this in an on-going and lasting way.

We want to help you prepare for your lifelong, successful marriage.  Any of the programs below will meet  your requirement for marriage preparation, so you can feel free to sign up for whatever programs works best for you as a couple. 

Once you have met with your parish priest, be sure to register for your Hamilton Marriage PreparationWaterloo Marriage Preparation, Bruce-Grey Marriage PreparationCatholic Engaged Encounter or Remarriage course as classes fill up quickly. It is best to take the course at least six months before your wedding.

For more information, please contact:
Teresa Hartnett
Tel. 905-528-7988  ext. 2250