Catholic Moms Groups:

Where Moms Connect and Find Support for their Journey


Upcoming Webinar June 1, 2021

Now, more than ever, moms are feeling isolated and are craving connections. A Catholic moms’ group allows women to connect with other moms, topics of interest, topics that impact their personal selves and God; it provides both support and encouragement. Beyond that, moms groups help develop friendships with other moms providing proven mental health benefits and is a way of drawing women together to form a stronger sense of parish community.

As with all ministry, parish groups will have local autonomy, but having a plan and material for getting started can make for a more successful experience. Join us for a Zoom session on Tuesday, June 1st at 7 P.M. to learn more about the what, where, when and why of starting a moms’ group and hear information on the material available to provide support.

We will welcome Mrs. Dorothy Pilarski, who spearheaded this ministry in the Archdiocese of Toronto in 2015, to this gathering and she will share with us the excellent detailed online website she has created to provide support.

This is a chance to see the website and hear the overview of all the materials and support available from her Catholic Moms Groups website.

This session will be an information sharing session, so is recommended for pastors, associate pastors, lay ministers and/or interested lay members of your parish who may be interested in starting a group, or those who would like to know what supports are available for an existing group. A training session for those who are interested will occur later.

This event will be provided using Zoom, so registration will be necessary.