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Hands feeding water and earth to tree and butterflies

Justice and Peace

We all want to make a positive impact on our community and to live our faith to the fullest. When lending support to various projects and organizations, we look at sustainable practices that maintain the dignity and well being of those in need. Whenever possible we work for holistic, well thought out projects that strive for long-term outcomes. For a more detailed explanation of what to look for when considering how to get involved see: 

Informed Giving Good Intentions Are Not Enough

If you have questions about what is happening in or near your parish community, feel free to send an email through our website.

If you are looking for training options, resources and community engagement opportunities, please call or email Sarah Guinta. You can also refer to the side bar for more information relating to charitable giving, events and resources.

The Office of Justice and Peace operates out of the Chancery in Hamilton. It provides parish and school communities with resources, training and opportunities for community engagement. We do our best to offer guidance and support to those wishing to better their understanding of how to serve their community.

If you are a local organization looking for support or have information to share, please feel free to send an email via our website. We have worked on a number of initiatives that bring school-boards together with local organizations that help engage and educate students on the realities of their community and how to help.


Sarah Guinta

Coordinator of the Office of Justice and Peace

905-528-7988 Ext. 2259
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