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ethnically diverse group of woman of various ages

Catholic Moms Group

Where Moms Connect and Find Support for their Journey

Now, more than ever, moms are feeling isolated and are craving connections. A Catholic moms’ group allows women to connect with other moms, topics of interest, topics that impact their personal selves and God; it provides both support and encouragement. Beyond that, moms groups help develop friendships with other moms providing proven mental health benefits and is a way of drawing women together to form a stronger sense of parish community.

For information on starting a moms group in the Diocese please contact the Family Ministry Office for more information and support.

The Catholic Moms Group is working with the Diocese and has excellent information for parish groups. You can see more by visiting:

We are here to support you from start to finish and take care of all of the details. All you have to do is pick a topic from our flexible step by step guide that would speak to the moms in your parish community and spread the word!


Imagine a Mother’s Group Starter kit that offers everything you need to get started and to run a Mother’s Group for well over a year! We promise, you will be blown away by our starter kit! Not only does it include solid Catholic curriculum, it also has all of the materials you need to get the word out (posters, newsletters for moms, already written pulpit announcements, church bulletin notices, forms to keep you on track, bookmarks, you name it, we’ve got it!) If you want, we can even send out your email reminders!

Catholic Moms Groups in the Hamilton Diocese

We have Catholic Moms Groups in our Diocese who are happy to have you join their groups. Click on a moms group near you and download their flyer. 


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