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Catechesis on Reconciliation Video Series

We have been working since the fall of 2018 to respond to a need in our Catholic high schools for resources around the Sacrament of Reconciliation. With the assistance of pastors, teachers, principals, students, parish ministers and youth ministers, we created an Examination of Conscience resource and Catechist Guide that are in use throughout the Diocese.

Listening to the voices of our young people and in response to their ongoing questions, in June 2019, we reached out to all six of our English-language Catholic boards and asked teachers and chaplains to help us to survey high school students.

We asked: “If the bishop, or your pastor, was sitting in front of you, what questions would you have about sin and reconciliation?” We received over 100 responses representing students from every region in our diocese. Their questions are articulate, curious, honest, and sometimes heart-breaking. We studied their questions to identify the common themes.

The following series of videos is our attempt to respond to the five most common themes found in the questions of young people. Our thanks to Brant-Haldimand-Norfolk, Bruce Grey, Halton, Hamilton-Wentworth, Waterloo and Wellington CDSB. Thanks also to Father Toby Collins, CR and Father Joseph de Viveiros, CR who provided support and guidance throughout the process.

The Video Series

Video 1 – An Introduction with Bishop Crosby

Video 2 – What is Sin?
Video 3 – Why do I need to confess to a priest?
Video 4 – What are the consequences of sin?
Video 5 – What can I expect from the priest when I go to confession?

Video 6 – What makes for a good confession?

Video 7 – A Reflection on the Prodigal Son