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Through Stocks and Mutual Funds

Gifts of Securities

Donating stocks or mutual fund shares is one of the smartest ways to support the Church while realizing significant tax savings. When you give a gift of shares to a registered charity, there are no capital gains taxes applied to the fully realized amount of the gift. In this way, the Church receives the full value of the securities, you receive a tax receipt for the full value of the gift, and you pay no capital gains tax on any increase in the price of those donated securities.

If you are considering making a gift to your Parish or the Diocese and you own appreciated securities, you may want to consider making this gift through this method. Also, if you are considering selling all or a portion of your investment in securities that have appreciated significantly, you may want to consider donating all or a portion to your Parish or the Diocese. This can allow you to make a meaningful gift to the Church, while also eliminating the capital gains tax you would have otherwise had to pay on the balance of the securities you plan to sell.

For more information about making a gift of securities, please contact Francis Doyle at 905-528-7988 ext. 2235, or by email using the information below. All calls are confidential.

Download a letter of direction regarding Gifts of Securities by clicking here.


Francis Doyle, BA (Hons.)

Vice-Chancellor (Temporal Affairs)

905-528-7988 Ext. 2235
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