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Diocese of Hamilton Student Award: Breanne Grint

Diocese of Hamilton Student Award: Breanne Grint

Date posted on August 9, 2023

Monsignor Doyle Catholic Secondary School, Cambridge

Breanne Grint is a person of good character as she enjoys giving back to her church community and to her school community. She has spent many hours helping at St. Gregory’s Church in Cambridge with the Sunday School Program. Breanne would help her grandmother every Sunday spending time with little children as their parents attended mass, by doing crafts, fun activities and having treats with the kids. Breanne would also volunteer her time helping her grandmother run functions at the church like family events and celebrations.

Within the Monsignor Doyle school community, Breanne spent much time volunteering with the book club in the library. She loves to read books and that is what makes her a well-rounded academic at school. Breanne has always taken full advantage of the wonderful educational opportunities that our school has to offer her. She was enrolled in the Specialist High Skill Major Program, and she is specializing her education by focusing on Construction as she would like to pursue a career in Carpentry. She is currently learning at Conestoga College in a dual credit program that offers her the opportunity to gain college learning experience and earn high school credits at the same time in her field of interest.

Her greatest characteristics and personality traits that stand out in Breanne, are that she is such a nice, gentle, and caring person. She always approaches others with kindness, respect and with good intentions by offering to others the best of herself. She is always ready and willing to help others and be a good friend and neighbour. She exemplifies what it means to be a true person of good character as she follows the teachings of Christ by loving her neighbours and community as herself.

Breanne has been accepted and has confirmed her acceptance to Conestoga College for the Women in Skilled Trades (WIST) General Carpenter Pre-Apprenticeship Program.  

Congratulations Breanne!

The Diocese of Hamilton Award is given to a student in the graduating class in every high school across the Diocese at the end of every school year. The Award recognizes a student in the graduating class who has attained high academic proficiency and exemplifies Catholic leadership qualities, Christian values and a commitment to service in the community.