Same Sex Attraction

The Diocese of Hamilton seeks to reach out with pastoral care to all individuals who are in need of support. For those individuals of faith that are experiencing same-sex attraction it is important that you understand our firm belief that the human person is made in the image and likeness of God and loved by God. 

Everyone has personal problems, difficulties, and challenges that may present obstacles to personal growth. These however are accompanied by strengths, talents, abilities, and gifts which are given to us to contribute in the world in which we live. Courage seeks to provide a context for individuals by maintaining that every person has a fundamental identity as a person of God, and by grace, each is His child and heir to eternal life. 

Courage is an international apostolate of the Catholic Church, which ministers to persons with same-sex attractions and offers pastoral care to those in the Catholic community. Courage believes that one can live a chaste life in accordance with the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality. Chaste friendships are not only possible but necessary in a chaste Christian life. Courage supports people with same-sex attraction on their spiritual journey in serving Christ through service to others, and through their forming and maintaining chaste friendships. 

(Adapted from the Courage website)  

Courage Program: 

Spiritual Support for Adults Experiencing Same-Sex Attraction 

For Information about Courage Support Call: 

Courage Toronto

Phone: 416-928-5094

You will find positive support for your desire to live according to the Catholic teachings 

•Members respect confidentiality and anonymity 

•The group will welcome and listen to you 

For Further Support Call the Family Ministry Office 

Phone: 905-528-7988 ext. 2250 (Hamilton Diocese) 


Courage is a place to connect with other faithful Catholics, deepen your faith and take some time for you! 

We are working towards bringing the Courage Ministry to the Hamilton Diocese.