High School Catechetical Correspondence Courses

About the Program

Our new high school offering comes from Saint Mary’s Press and is entitled, Live Jesus in our Hearts. The Diocese of Hamilton is pleased to offer four of these programs to high school students in public schools who wish to continue their religious education: Jesus Christ and the New Testament, The Church Foundations and Mission, Sacraments and God’s Grace and Morality and God’s Love.

Students are encouraged to take the course that interests them and will help further their journey of faith. There is no mandated progression through the four courses. Find a description of the content of each book below and register for the courses.


Jesus Christ and the New Testament

Jesus Christ and the New Testament

This five-unit course will explore the synoptic Gospels and the letters of St. Paul to help to get to know Jesus better as both fully human and fully divine. This course not only encourages a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but a commitment to living a life sharing the good news of Jesus with others. Students will have opportunity to delve deep into a Scripture study as well as hear personal testimonies of others journeys with Jesus.

The Church Foundations and Mission

The Church: Foundations and Mission

This five-unit course leads students towards a deeper understanding of the Church as a means to encountering Christ. The connection between the Gospel of Matthew and the growth of the Church is the thread that runs through all five units. This course also gives special attention to the encyclicals of Pope Francis as they relate to the mission of the Church. A different encyclical is explored in each unit.

Sacraments and God's Grace

Sacraments and God's Grace

This five-unit course leads students towards a deeper understanding of the Sacraments as a means to encountering Christ. This course provides a strong scriptural background for all seven Sacraments as well as the opportunity to seek God’s presence and guidance in these tangible moments of grace. The course overviews the Sacraments of Initiation first, then the Sacraments of Healing and then the Sacraments associated with Vocation.

Sacraments and God's Grace

Morality and God's Love

This five-unit course leads students towards a deeper understanding of Christian morality, focusing on the importance of decision making and moral law. This course references heavily on Old and New Testament study, looking at Scriptural foundation for Christian morality.

All these resources are available in a digital format purchased directly from St. Mary’s Press using the link upon completing your registration. Cost is approximately $22 USD. If you prefer a paper copy, please choose the option to pay the Diocese directly, cost is $50 CAD.