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Who may benefit from these programs?
Our programs are designed for children who are enrolled in public or private schools, are homeschooled, or for other reasons unable to attend Catholic Schools. Children who come into the Catholic School system at an older age may benefit from additional religious education as well.

When do families normally register?
Families register all year long. Normally, registration takes place between August and October so that families working towards First Communion or Confirmation have adequate time to prepare.

How do I register?
Registration can be completed online with payment made by either Visa or MasterCard credit cards. You may also print a registration form from our website and mail it to the Diocese office with a cheque.

What is the cost?
Each program is $50. A family who registers 3 or more children pays only $110. Arrangements can be made where children in one family share a text book. Contact our office for more information.

Who is a catechist?
Each child is assigned a catechist who will review their worksheets and be the main contact for your family throughout the program. Catechists are generously committed lay persons.

Catechists are careful to treat the papers they review, not as tests but as efforts to learn about and live our faith. A catechist’s comments invite students to celebrate their correct answers and to learn from their mistakes.

Does my parish know about these courses?
Yes, some parishes will take your registration form there and some will ask you to register directly with us. When you enroll your child in the Catechetical Correspondence Courses, we contact your parish to let them know. Your catechist will keep your parish informed about the progress of your child and will inform them when your child completes the program.

Are there courses for older students?
Yes, there are courses for children from Kindergarten to high school. We have courses specially designed for older children who have not yet made their First Communion or Confirmation. You can contact our office to discuss which program is best suited for your child’s needs.


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Director of Evangelization & Catechesis

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