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Parenting Tips

These tips have been written for use in parish bulletins, so that you as parents might find little nuggets that will help you as you engage in your important role as parent. The hope is that as you read the tips you will find information to assist you in small and tangible ways and in a way that will positively influence the love you share with your family.

Family is the most powerful influencer in any person’s life. What we learn from our family has lifetime implications, influencing how we act, see ourselves and feel about others. As parents it is important that we don’t treat our children as mini-adults, but instead view them as a child of a certain age. There are normal patterns to children’s brain development and when we understand those stages, we can more fully understand how to love, teach, discipline and support our children throughout their lives. Family and faith provide a solid foundation for each child when parents take the time to learn about their child’s developmental age and ability.

As parents we love our children unconditionally, but the tasks involved are still challenging. There are many moments when our children can annoy us, test us and even defy us! Our response can be the difference between positive learning and damage to our relationship. What is a parent’s best strategy? Learn to pause between the time a problem occurs and the time you respond. Take a moment to count to ten, take a deep breath, close your eyes, say a quick prayer, or take your own time out. When you are calm and collected, address the issue in the way you feel will work best to solve the issue, not one based on high emotions.

Our children are, in many ways, like sponges absorbing all we say and do. Even when we think they aren’t watching or listening, they are often taking in our comments, actions and attitudes. In fact, our influence lasts their entire lives and impacts them throughout their lifetime. Equally important is what we don’t say about something they are seeing or hearing or doing, since silence is considered consent. Parenting takes constant work, which is why it is considered a vitally important vocation. The rewards, however, of seeing your children grow into healthy, strong adults is worth the effort.


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