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Grief Resources 

1. Now What? – A comprehensive pamphlet/booklet to assist those experiencing loss; provides an overview of what they may be experiencing and how they can support themselves at this time of loss. (Cost: $5.00) 

2. When Someone You Care About is Grieving – A pamphlet/booklet designed to assist people who are trying to support someone through the grief journey. (Cost: $2.00) 

3. When Families Grieve – this is a package put together by the creators of Sesame Street to assist families in helping their children through the grief process. (No Charge) 

4. A Not So Jolly Christmas – A pamphlet/booklet designed to offer very practical support and ideas to people as they try to cope with the Christmas season, a holiday that inevitably reminds us of the person we have lost. ($2.50) 

The items on this page can be purchased and paid for on our on line store, or if you prefer you can call the office and order them directly.