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Mental Health Support

Mental health issues directly or indirectly impact all of us. As individuals, family members, colleagues, and neighbours we all experience the effects of mental health issues. Relationships and work effectiveness are often negatively impacted when these issues are not adequately or appropriately addressed.

In Canada, 20% of the population will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. About 50% of those who believe they have suffered from anxiety or depression have never sought medical help. From Statistics Canada we read that in 2012 an estimate of 2.8 million individuals (10.1%) “reported symptoms consistent with at least one of six mental or substance use disorders in the last 12 months”.

When suffering with mental health issues or in a relationship with someone who is struggling, it is important to seek medical intervention and counselling. Self-care must be a consistent part of daily life.

The Family Ministry Office offers workshops about mental health issues for the Hamilton Diocese. Our workshops are sometimes designed to promote mental health awareness and strategies for all people to use to stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Other workshops increase awareness about the issues and struggles that many individuals navigate through on a regular basis. Often there is a stigma for the individual or the family to ask for help or they are not aware of local resources. We celebrate the courage that it takes to seek help and take the necessary steps toward health goals. With this in mind, our goal is to provide information and support to families, as well as to those in our parishes who deliver mental health services or give caring assistance.

If you need support at this time, please feel free to call Teresa Hartnett at 905-528-7988 ext. 2250 and she can help you to find community supports.

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