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A friendly,happy church with their pastor smiling and facing the camera while inside a traditional church sanctuary and cross on wall in background

Lay Parish Ministers

We at the Second Vatican Council make an earnest appeal to all the laypeople of the Church. We ask that you make a willing, noble, and enthusiastic response to God’s call. Christ is calling you indeed! The Spirit is urging you. You who are in the younger generation: you, too, are being called! Welcome this call with an eager heart and a generous spirit. It is the Lord, through this council, who is once more inviting all Christians of every level of the Church to work diligently in the harvest. Join yourselves to the mission of Christ in the world, knowing that in the Lord, your labors will not be lost.

How Can We Help?

Called to serve — one of the foundational principles of our faith — is at the heart of the work of our office.

God has called every Christian to service and it is the role of this office to help others recognize their gifts and empower them to develop their own spiritual selves, as well as these gifts, in order that all may build up the Body of Christ.

For further information, contact the Office for Evangelization & Catechesis.


Very Reverend Monsignor Murray J. Kroetsch


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