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Forward Together in Christ

An announcement from His Excellency Auxiliary Bishop Wayne Lobsinger – Forward Together in Christ

Date posted on March 10, 2022

As we all have experienced, the past two years have taken a great toll on us. We are all exhausted and feel beaten down. As the COVID restrictions begin to lift and we look at the mammoth task ahead of re-opening our Parishes and our Diocese, the task can seem daunting. Each group and ministry needs new volunteers and training. What ministries do we re-start first? Which do we leave left un-started? How do we begin again to celebrate the Sacred Liturgy according to the mind of the Church? All of these questions need consideration. In order to help all of us begin to consider these questions together, the Diocese of Hamilton would like to get the input of our diocesan community to help us move forward together.

To assist with this, we are developing a process, which we are calling: “Forward Together in Christ.” The first step will involve initial engagement with Diocesan groups such as Clergy, Permanent Deacons and Parish Pastoral Staff on what they would like to see reflected in the moving forward strategy and ideas for the next steps. Once developed, the plan will serve as a roadmap for how the Diocese of Hamilton approaches the next 3 to 5 years. The strategy will include clear goals, objectives, and actions aligned with our Catholic values and our diocesan mission and vision.

Engagement will occur between March and June 2022. Engagement activities will include:

  • In-person meetings with Clergy, Parish Ministers, and Pastoral staff
  • Discussions with the Episcopal Board and Presbyteral Council
  • A written report that will capture the perspectives of these participants on how the Diocese of Hamilton can act on a collaborative basis to support moving forward out of the pandemic and into the future “together.” 

The Liturgy, being the source and summit of our Catholic Faith will need particular attention in the initial stage. As we move forward, we will reach out to other groups in the Diocese. Further information will be forth coming.

This is an exciting time for our Diocese and the Church.  In the words of Pope Francis, this is the time to decide what our new normal will be and to use this time of opportunity to boldly build the Church for ministry in the twenty-first century!


+Wayne Lobsinger, VG, EV
Auxiliary Bishop of Hamilton