Transitional Deacon Ordination of Kevin Upendran

Transitional Deacon Ordination of Kevin Upendran

At 7 o’clock in the evening of the Feast of St. Lawrence, Tuesday, August 10th, 2021, Kevin Upendran was ordained to the Transitional Diaconate. Bishop Wayne Lobsinger was the principal celebrant along with concelebrating priests and deacons. The Mass took place at Holy Cross Parish in Georgetown.

A transitional deacon is one who is preparing for ordination to the Priesthood in the presbyterial order. During the ordination Mass, Deacon Kevin was given the assent of the assembly. He made a commitment to celibacy and promised to follow his vows. Afterward, he was vested with stole and chasuble, and received The Book of the Gospels from Bishop Lobsinger.

During his homily, Bishop Lobsinger remarked:

“As a deacon, our friend Kevin will be conformed to Christ the servant, to the one who came to serve, and not be served. To be the presence of Christ the servant in the Church and in the world today. As a deacon, Kevin, your call is to serve. And this call will not end, God willing, even when you are ordained priest hopefully next spring. The priestly ordination will add to your configuration to Christ, it will not remove the configuration you receive today."

We pray for Deacon Kevin during this year and encourage you to keep him in your prayers as he continues his journey toward the Priesthood.