The Hamilton Diocese Marriage Tribunal

Welcome to the webpage for the Hamilton Diocese Marriage Tribunal. We typically deal with cases in which one or both parties live in the Diocese of Hamilton.

Everyone’s situation is unique; some cases are very complex. You are strongly encouraged to discuss your situation with a member of your Parish team (e.g. Priest, Deacon, Pastoral Minister) or with a member of the Tribunal staff.

The role of the Marriage Tribunal is to assist those who wish to present a petition seeking a declaration of nullity for a previous marriage (i.e., annulment). To learn more about annulments, see our information page here.

This content is also available in booklet form. If you wish to receive a booklet, please contact our office and we will mail one out right away.

Diocese of Hamilton Marriage Tribunal
700 King Street West
Hamilton, ON L8P 1C7

T: (905) 528-7988
F: (888) 941-0024 (toll-free, direct to the Tribunal office)