Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday and continues through to Holy Saturday. During Holy Week, we recall Jesus’ last days on earth.

On Palm Sunday we celebrate the Lord’s triumphant entrance into Jerusalem. He was greeted by his disciples and followers with cheers of joy and gladness. People waved palms and laid them at his donkey’s feet as a sign of reverence. In a few short days, these same people would demand his crucifixion and death. On this special day in our Church we read a lengthy story from the Gospel of Mark called, "The Passion Narrative." Passion means "suffering"; and in this Gospel we hear of the suffering which Jesus endured in his last few hours of life. This narrative begins with the Last Supper and ends when Jesus’ body is placed in the tomb.

After Palm Sunday, the celebration of Holy Week continues with the Easter Triduum. The Triduum marks the three holy days in our liturgical calendar that commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. The Triduum is celebrated as one continuous liturgy in which we wait together in joyful hope for the great feast of Easter. As a Church, our celebration of Easter lasts for fifty days - beginning on Easter Sunday and concluding with the Feast of Pentecost.