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World Day of Consecrated Life

Heart to Heart: Issue #529

TODAY’S FEAST OF THE PRESENTATION OF THE LORD is also the World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life. Instituted by Saint John Paul II in 1997, the Day of Prayer honours women and men who have devoted their entire lives to follow the Lord closely. To mark the occasion, Archbishop Francis Leo, Metropolitan Archbishop of Toronto has written a message to men and women in Consecrated Life throughout the Metropolitan Province, which includes those serving in the Diocese of Hamilton. The heartfelt message encourages us “to look to the future with great trust in the Lord, relying on the enduring faithfulness of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit who alone can renew all persons and communities, all institutions and all apostolic works!” The entire letter is available here.  Additionally, the Archbishop will preside at a special Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel tomorrow, February 3rd, at 10:30 a.m. I will join him for that celebration.

THE PERSONNEL BOARD of the Diocese of Hamilton met earlier this week to consider clergy moves for 2024. Priests were invited to submit personal considerations. The Deans of our six Deaneries have offered an overview of local needs. Following a review of the needs for priestly ministry in our parishes, a list of possible changes has been prepared. Interviews with Priests will soon begin. As is the tradition in the Diocese, actual changes take place at the end of June. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide the discernment that this work requires for the well-being of our Priests and of parishioners in our parishes.

THE PRIESTS’ DAY OF PRAYER for Lent is scheduled for the First Week of Lent. We gather at the Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King, Hamilton, on Tuesday, February 20th, beginning at 9:30 a.m. and at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Waterloo, on February 21st, beginning at 9:30. Father Matthew Durham will be the presenting Priest. Priests are reminded of the courtesy to inform Vocations Office of your intention to stay for the luncheon – to help with planning.

THE RITE OF ELECTION for candidates of the Rite for Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) takes place at 1:30 p.m. on the First Sunday of Lent, February 18th. Both the Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King, Hamilton, (for those in the “southern” part of the Diocese), and at the Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate, Guelph (for those from parishes in the “northern” part of the Diocese), will welcome candidates and their sponsors. The Rite of Election is a profoundly moving ceremony where candidates make their final commitment to the process and become The Elect of the Roman Catholic Church. You are welcome to join us at one or other of the ceremonies.

THIS YEAR’S BISHOP’S CHARITIES DINNER NEXT WEEKEND, February 10th, will be the Bishops’ Dinner! Bishop Wayne Lobsinger and I will be joined by Archbishop Francis Leo, Archbishop of Toronto, Archbishop Marcel Damphousse, Archbishop of Ottawa, and Bishop Bryan Beda, Eparchial Bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Toronto and Eastern Canada! With over 700 tickets sold, the Dinner Dance promises to be a lively pre-Lenten gathering. Thanks to the Knights of Columbus for organizing the event!

THE 2024 LENTEN MESSAGE has been sent to Priests of the Diocese and to all Parishes for publication. The letter encourages commitment to Lenten practices and generous support of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace /Caritas Canada. May our Lenten “Fast” be a time of spiritual renewal and life-changing blessings for us all!

PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO publication of Heart to Heart next week, February 9, 2024.

Our Lady of the Annunciation, pray for us!
Ex corde, +Douglas, OMI

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