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Missionary Co-Op

Welcome to the Office of the Missionary Co-Operative Plan of the Diocese of Hamilton.


The mandate of the Mission Co-operative Program is to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ in developing countries by:

  1. Providing food, clean water, clothing, medical/dental care and supplies, tuition, school supplies, literacy training to those in need;
  2. Supporting the on-going formation of missionaries in the evangelization of the Word of God;
  3. Supporting the work of catechists;
  4. Educating the parishes of the Diocese of Hamilton about the work of missionaries and missionary groups.

Missionary Organizations are invited to participate in and help us achieve our program by describing in detail how they could assist us to fulfill our mandate in the country in which they serve and by committing to speaking in parishes in the Diocese of Hamilton to share the work they are doing in different parts of the world.

Application Form

You are invited to submit an Application Form – a fillable PDF is found below. Applications must be received before December 31st of the preceding year. Successful mission applicants will be notified in March of the appeal year.

Due to the volume of requests and limited space, we cannot guarantee that your application will be accepted. Acceptance into the Program does not guarantee participation in subsequent years.

For further information please contact:

Frank Cappelli

T: 905-528-7988 (ext 2247)



Frank Cappelli

Mission Cooperative Office

905-528-7988 Ext. 2247
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