Very Reverend Msgr. Earl Talbot

Director of Diaconate Formation

Very Reverend Msgr. Earl Talbot

Mark Gatto

Director of Diaconate Formation

Rev. Mark Gatto

Peter Gittens

Associate Director of Diaconate Formation

Deacon Peter Gittens

Brianne Bushey

Administrative Assistant

Brianne Bushey


Permanent Diaconate Information Meetings

Permanate Diaconate

Permanent Diaconate

Welcome to the Permanent Diaconate Office of the Diocese of Hamilton.

At the present time there are 43 deacons serving in the Diocese of Hamilton, and seven men are currently in formation.

Essentially a ministry of service and charity, the deacon serves the Church and the diocese in a designated service in a hospital, or prison, or other forms of charitable outreach. In addition, the deacon is assigned to a parish, as his liturgical base, where he assists the pastor, as needed, in  liturgical ministry which may take the form of assisting at mass, preaching, baptising, presiding at weddings or funerals, or in other capacities within the parish. 

Deacons may be married, and spouses of deacons are invited and strongly encouraged to be involved in the vocation and ministry of their deacon-husband. 

Diaconate formation lasts for four years. The next formation session begins in September 2018 Applications for admission into the formation program starting September 2018 are being accepted at this time. The application deadline is May 31, 2017.

For a brief description of Diaconal Ministry and Formation click here.

For a brief description (in brochure format) of the application process click here

Please note the dates for the information meetings below. These meeting are all at 12.00 noon following the 11.00 a.m. mass.