Participants are asked to choose two different workshops to participate in during the afternoon. Please have each participant’s workshop selections on hand when registering your group online. Please note that workshop spaces are limited and fill quickly. To ensure your group is registered for your first choices, please register early. (Workshops are subject to change.)

BE Well

Do you find your day is so busy that you never get a moment for yourself? Are you burdened by the responsibility of school, family and relationships? Do you find that you have enough time to take care of yourself well so that you can care for others? Psalm 37 challenges us to take time to 'rest in the Lord'.

Teresa Hartnett, Director of Family Ministry for the Diocese of Hamilton will be joining us to share her wisdom on how we can be caring for ourselves as temples of the Lord. As Sons and Daughters of God, made in His image, how are we called to care for His creation and glorify him in our personhood?

BE Loud

Sing with joy to the Lord!  St. Augustine tells us that when we sing we pray twice.  Join our musical guests, A Guy and a Girl to learn more about the importance of music ministry within our liturgy and how to lead worship effectively in your parishes and schools.

This will be a hands on, interactive workshop involving instruments, song and praise. All musicians and vocalists, regardless of capability are welcome!


Grade 8 can be an overwhelming and scary time, especially when looking forward to that first big day of high school. John Schneider, Elementary School Chaplaincy Leader for Waterloo Catholic District School Board will be inspiring our young men and women preparing for high school to 'BE not afraid' and will share some tips and tricks to living a Christian identity in high school. 

This workshop is suggested for those in Grades 7 and 8.

BE Social

Put your phones down for a second and listen up! The world is at our fingertips these days when it comes to social media. If we’re not sending a snap, we’re liking a post on Instagram or retweeting our favourite celebrity. Here’s the question, who are we called to BE on social media? We have the power to use this media to share the Gospel! 

Come and join our keynote, Katie Prejean to learn more about what it means to be a Catholic presence on social media and how you can spread the joy of our faith online!

BE Faithful

Mary, Mother of God is at the centre of the theme of this year’s Rally and so it is only fitting that we celebrate her and the beautiful gift that is the prayer of the Holy Rosary.  Participants will learn how to make rosaries and then why and how we pray the Rosary!  Come away and pray!

BE a Leader

Our Lord challenged his disciples to go out to the whole world and make fishers of men.  How are we called to evangelize our friends in our classrooms, our teammates or even our family?  How are we called to be leaders in our faith and in our world? 

Join a very special guest for a motivational presentation about how we are called and asked to respond to our Lord with a bold and generous, 'Yes, here I am!'

BE Just

As leaders in our church and school, we are called to be the forerunners in advocacy of our brothers and sisters in need as well as conscientious giving.  Together we will reflect on who we are as people of justice and how we are called to love tenderly, act justly and walk humbly with those in need.

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