Maxine, reading a good Catholic Book.

The Faith We Savour

Over the hot summer months, the Pastoral Offices of the Diocese of Hamilton encourage you to savour your faith. This page offers suggestions for books, movies, and websites to help you focus on faith.

Whatever you do this summer, may it be a time when you can slow down, enjoy and ponder. Read, watch, pray, and, in this Year of Faith, "Rediscover the Joy" of believing. 



The Faith
We Savour


Loving God,
Creator of us all,
you give us new life in Jesus Christ
and nourish us
with his Body and Blood.

In your infinite love for us,
you have written our names
in heaven.  

As we savour our faith,
teach us to pray.
Free us from distraction
and worry,
that we may respond
to your word
and commit ourselves
more deeply
to love you with all our heart,
and with all our soul,
and with all our strength,
and with all our mind.  

Through our Lord Jesus Christ,
your Son,
who lives and reigns with you
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.




Slow down... enjoy... and ponder...


The Chronicles of Narnia:
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

by: 20th Century Fox

The book was first published in 1950, C. S. Lewis began piecing together the story long before that. The tales and ancient myths his Irish nurse told always fascinated him, and when he was sixteen, a picture of a faun carrying parcels and an umbrella in the snowy woods popped into his head... read more


In Her Footsteps
The Story of St. Kateri Tekakwitha

by: Salt + Light TV

This moving documentary takes us on a journey from Upstate New York State to Montreal and Kahnawake; from Washington State to New Mexico, as we follow St. Kateri's incredible journey of deep faith, heroic sacrifice and love of Christ. Featuring many people who have been touched by her —including the little boy who received the miraculous healing... read more


The Way
by: Emilio Estevez 

THE WAY is a powerful and inspirational story about family, friends and the challenges we face while navigating this ever-changing and complicated world. Martin Sheen plays Tom, an irascible American doctor who comes to France to deal with the tragic loss of his son (played by Emilio Estevez)... read more


Becoming Human
by: Jean Vanier 

This book is about the liberation of the human heart. In this provocative work, Jean Vanier shares his profoundly human vision for transformation – for creating a common good that radically changes our communities, our relationships, and ourselves. "Becoming Human" invites us into freedom... read more


Rediscover Catholicism
by: Matthew Kelly

We all need to rediscover Catholicism. Central to the beauty and richness of the faith is that it is constantly in need of being rediscovered. Not because it changes, because we change. Who we are and the circumstances of our lives are constantly evolving and so a truth that we passed over a year ago may prove... read more


YouCat Youth Prayer Book
translated by: Frank Davidson

When the YOUCAT was distributed at the World Youth Day in Madrid in six languages​​, no one had any idea of the worldwide success in the next few months. Everywhere in the world young Catholics founded study- and discussion groups... learn more


Salt and Light
Catholic Media Foundation


New Advent


The Vatican Today


Listen to: The New Evangelization and You: by John Allen Jr.
Held at Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King on November 21, 2013.