The Marriage of Two Christians

The marriage of two Christians is a sacrament – an effective sign which reveals and makes present the mystery of God’s love for humanity, and in particular, the mystery of Christ’s love for the Church. It is always an occasion for celebration within the Christian community. The celebration of marriage between a Catholic and a non-Christian, though not a sacrament, is likewise an occasion of great joy within the Christian community. Rooted in God’s plan for humanity, the union of man and woman in marriage is a symbol of the faithful and all-embracing love of God for the world.

If you are thinking about getting married, we invite you to contact your parish priest at least nine months prior to your proposed date and he will assist you with the necessary preparation. You may also want to consult the Diocesan Family Ministry Office for information regarding marriage preparation courses and other programs or information available to you in the Diocese.

Our Catholic community is always ready to support you as you begin your married life and we rejoice in each new sign of God’s love revealed in Christian Marriage.