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COVID-19 Parish Offertory Fund


As communicated by the Bishop and Chancellor, churches in the Diocese of Hamilton are currently closed. While we cannot gather for Mass, our priests continue to celebrate Mass privately for the intentions of the faithful, and our parishes are working to find ways to continue to serve parishioners during this time.

We have received enquiries about how parishioners might support our parishes without being able to be physically present. This is a difficult topic to address, with so many uncertainties and a situation that is changing so rapidly. Many in our communities may already be facing financial difficulties, and their first priority must be taking care of the needs of their families and loved ones.

However, our parishes do rely solely on the generosity of the faithful to survive. These needs continue, even in the absence of the gathered assembly. If parishioners want to continue to support their parish and have the means to do so, there are two ways in which to give:

To support your parish via credit card, please visit our special Parish Offertory Giving Page. This method of giving will provide you with an electronic tax receipt immediately upon making your gift.

You may also send a gift directly to your parish. To contact your parish, use our Find a Parish Tool. Many parishes can accept gifts via electronic funds transfer, through credit cards via the parish website, and you can always send cheques to the parish through the mail. Your parish may have suggestions about the easiest way to make a gift in view of their circumstances around parish office hours, working from home arrangements, etc.

Continuing support of your parish at this time is an act of generosity and faith. Our parishes are incredibly grateful for any contributions you may be able to make. Even more important at this time is your prayer for our parishes, our priests, and your fellow parishioners.

For important updates on COVID-19 in the Diocese of Hamilton, including Bishop Crosby’s letter, Lift Up Your Hearts, and Pope Francis’ Prayer to Our Lady, Health of the Sick, please visit:


Yours, in Shared Service of Christ, 


Francis Doyle
Director, Stewardship and Development
Diocese of Hamilton