The Eucharist held up.

Ministers of Holy Communion Formation Days

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is for all new extraordinary ministers of Communion who have been invited to exercise this ministry of charity during the celebration of the Sunday Eucharist, or with the sick and elderly in hospitals or homes.

What is the workshop about?

The workshop will explore the following themes:

  • The Eucharist in the Scriptures
  • The Eucharist in Our Catholic Tradition
  • Diocesan Policies

The Focus Sessions will be as follows:

  • A. Minister in the Assembly
    This session will consider the structure of the Sunday Eucharist and reflections on the role of ministry in the celebrating community.
  • B. Minister to the Sick
    This session will consider the structure of the Rite of Communion to the Sick and practice aspects of pastoral care for the sick.


When and Where?

Please check back in early 2020 for upcoming dates.