congregation singing at annual musicians retreat

Annual Musicians' Retreat 2018

Focus of Day

Becoming Psalms 
Friday, March 2

This will be an opportunity to see the Word of God as we sing meditative songs inspired by the illuminations in The Saint John's Bible related to the themes of the retreat.

Imagine - the music of (and in the style of) Taize with illuminations of The Saint John's Bible!

This is open to anyone who is interested in a time of meditative prayer - not just parish musicians. 

Musicians' Retreat
Saturday, March 3 

Reflection on Our Experience of Music Ministry

  • ‣  From singer to proclaimer: Interpreting the Word and letting it interpret you
  • ‣  Mystery, mystery and...too much mystery: When you're running (and singing) on empty
  • ‣  My Body/Breath/Song given for you
  • ‣  Treasures in the back of the book
  • ‣  Power of Lament (Psalm 22)
  • ‣  Vigiling without Indigestion: Silence and the Word

Those unable to attend the retreat on March 2 and 3 can still enjoy the benefits of the retreat material and engaged in "virtual participation" through our special Musicians Retreat blog.


Bernadette Gasslein

For almost all of her professional life, Bernadette Gasslein has been engaged in various liturgical and catechetical ministries, including 21 years as editor of Celebrate!, Canada's award-winning pastoral magazine that closed at the end of 2012. She has led workshops around the country in liturgy, catechetics and music. Bernadette holds a Licence in Sacred Theology with Specialization in Pastoral Catechetics from the Institut Catholique de Paris. Her thesis for this degree was an analysis of the image of woman in 270 Marian hymns published in Canada since 1900. Her hymn text, “O First-born Daughter” was one of the winners of a hymn writing competition for new Marian hymns sponsored by the Mariological Society of America. As a young pianist, she also earned an Associateship in Performance in piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto. In 2013, Bernadette was named editor of Worship, the flagship journal of the liturgical movement in North America, published by the Benedictines of St. John’s Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota. A member of the North American Academy of Liturgy, Bernadette’s most recent books are The Mass Step-by-Step (2011) and Living with the Prayers of the Mass (2013), both published by Novalis. She serves her parish music ministry as a pianist.