Evaluating Liturgical Music
Resources in Canada

Now that the Third Typical Edition of the Roman Missal has been published in English, the Episcopal Commission for Liturgy and the Sacraments (English Sector) realizes that new music resources are needed. To this end, work has begun on a new collection of responsorial Psalm settings using the New Revised Standard Version of the Psalms to coincide with the new Sunday Lectionary. Given the changes in the texts for the Order of Mass, new ritual music is also needed. Consequently, a significant part of the Catholic Book of Worship, which has been in use for twenty years, is in need of revision.

In 2011, Celebrate in Song was published by the CCCB as a resource to assist English-speaking Canadians as the revised translation of the Roman Missal was being implemented. Now that many communities have used this resource for several years, it is fitting to receive feedback regarding its contents.

The Episcopal Commission for Liturgy and the Sacraments wishes to assess the current needs and to discern what musical resources would best respond to the needs of parishes and other Catholic institutions at this time.

All liturgical musicians as well as liturgy committee members and clergy, and anyone interested in the music we use in our worship, especially on Sunday, are invited to respond to this survey. A wide response is desirable in order to guide the Episcopal Commission for Liturgy and the Sacraments in determining future liturgical music resources for English-speaking Canada.

The completed survey may be e-mailed nlo@cccb.ca, faxed or mailed to the National Liturgy Office at the address below.

Deadline for responses: April 30, 2015

National Liturgy Office
Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
2500 Don Reid Drive, Ottawa, Ontario
K1H 2J2

Fax: (613) 241-9048

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