Bishop Crosby's 2021 Easter Message

Bishop Crosby's 2021 Easter Message

My dear friends,

“He is not here; He has been raised!”

What a breathtaking message the young man dressed in a white robe imparted to the women who had come to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus! At that moment everything changed – for them for us! At that moment Jesus’ teaching took on a new authority, a new power. Because of this event the followers of Jesus, at that time and throughout the past 2000+ years, have witnessed reassuring miracle upon miracle proving that He lives – and truly helps us to “live fully”!

Mary Magdalene – the Apostle of the Apostles – was the first to announce the Good News to his  followers. Certainly, the lives of Peter and the closest disciples of Jesus were changed immediately. And when filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, they set out to proclaim that Good News “to the ends of the earth”!

Because “He has been raised”, He is still doing awesome healing works, lifting us up, freeing us, saving us! The miracle of new life is always a blessing – the promise of a future filled with hope. The dedication and commitment of healthcare workers during these pandemic days, even in the midst of suffering and death, has been inspirational – and life-giving! My brother tells me that my niece is planning to study epidemiology! I hope she does – I hope other young people are so inspired!

I am always astounded by the outreach of so many to assure the well-being of people who are challenged in many ways. The Good Shepherd Ministries, the DeMazenod Door, Wayside House, the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton, Catholic Family Services, the St. Vincent de Paul Society, The Bridge, Rygiel Supports, the Catholic Youth Organization – and there are so many other good works – all providing supports for people who reach out for a helping hand. Filled with the Spirit of Jesus, they go about “lifting up”, providing opportunities for a fresh start.

The pandemic has shone the spotlight on the importance of care for our senior sisters and brothers – those who have provided us with the blessings we experience in our lives. We understand that we have a responsibility to assure their well-being no matter their age. Migrant farm workers leave their homes and families to work on farms in our communities to assure that the “food chain” is safe so we can enjoy nourishing meals. They, too, must be supported by our caring outreach. His rising from the dead provides us the grace and courage to do so joyfully!

My dear friends, we are only too aware of the misery and suffering of our world – of our lives. The message of the young man at Easter assures us that “there is something happening here” which makes life worth living. That, precisely, is our HOPE – life does not end – rather it goes on; because we are His sisters and brothers, we are His heirs! Alleluia!

Sincerely in the Risen Christ and Mary Immaculate,

+ Douglas Crosby, OMI

(Most Rev.) Douglas Crosby, OMI
Bishop of Hamilton


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