Diocese of Hamilton Student Awards: Meaghan Hymers and Brad Bruder

Diocese of Hamilton Student Awards: Meaghan Hymers and Brad Bruder

The Diocese of Hamilton award is presented to graduating students who have attained high academic proficiency, and who exemplify Catholic leadership qualities, Christian values, and a commitment to service in the community.

This year's recipients from St. Jerome's University are Meaghan Hymers and Brad Bruder.

Meaghan Hymers

Meaghan is described as an individual who puts their leadership first; not at the expense of their academics, but with an innate understanding of what it means to be a leader and to be part of a community that strives for the equity and betterment of all. This student truly exemplifies the many aspects of the Zach Ralston Award. Their campus involvement has been impactful and significant. This student was an integral member of our residence teams serving as a Residence Don and as a Community Advisor, actively supporting the quality and enrichment of residence life with the goal of providing a safe, secure, and supportive environment for our students to call home. As the President of the Students’ Union, this student eloquently and steadfastly represented the needs of our students in ways that invited listening, reflection, and action.

Meaghan is a true leader – she leads by example, gentle challenge, support and validation and has a firm grounding in social justice values that she lives every day.

Brad Bruder

Brad has a passion for building community that is evident across their personal, academic, and professional endeavours. Brad stands out in his professionalism, competence, ability to manage multiple projects on the go, and strikes an important balance of providing leadership when needed while being an approachable team player. One former supervisor reflected that working with this individual was “the best decision” they have made. Here at SJU, this student has made a significant impact as an Experience Guide, on the Students Union, and as a Relay for Life Co-Chair. Beyond SJU, they served as a Residence Don for UW, and in the community with Habitat for Humanity.

At SJU, you would see this student around campus chatting with fellow students, staff and faculty – saying hello, smiling at strangers, and helping anyone who might need a bit of joy that day. This student is driven and intelligent, can solve problems and take on projects with ease, has a deep and true care for the world around him and will do whatever it takes to ensure that others feel this care. Whenever he is around, there is laughter, there is positivity, and there is community.

Congratulations to the recipients!

The Diocese of Hamilton Student Awards will continue with high school graduates in the weeks to come.