Highlights from 2019 Rite of Election

Highlights from 2019 Rite of Election

One hundred and forty catechumens were inscribed into the Book of the Elect at ceremonies at the Basilica of Our Lady and the Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King on Sunday, March 3rd and Sunday, March 10th, 2019.

Bishop Crosby is the celebrant of this solemn rite, which is the focal point of the Church’s concern for catechumens as they enter the final period of preparation for baptism.

Within the celebration he delivers the Homily, where he remarked, "You have been chosen by God. God chooses you. God claims you as his very own." He then asks the catechumens if they wish to enter fully into the life of the Church through the sacraments of initiation.

The catechumens then enroll their names in the Book of the Elect after which the Bishop declares them to be members of the elect, those chosen by God to become God’s daughters and sons through the sacred mysteries at the next Easter Vigil.

Both events were very moving opportunities to meet others who have made the same choices about their faith. Thank you to the RCIA Teams and the Pastors of Parishes for your participation in this year’s Rite of Election!

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