85th Anniversary of the Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King

85th Anniversary of the Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King

On Wednesday, December 19th, 2018, a Mass was held in thanksgiving for the 85th anniversary of the blessing and opening of the Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King, an outstanding landmark in the City of Hamilton, and the Mother Church of the Diocese of Hamilton, the second-largest English-speaking diocese in Canada!

Five generations of the Pigott family gathered at the Cathedral to celebrate its 85th Anniversary. Mr. Joseph Pigott led the construction company in Hamilton, Ontario, that completed the building in 1933. On December 19th, 1933, a grand celebration was held and presided by Bishop John McNally, with Prime Minister R.B. Bennett sitting in the front pew – a proud day for the Diocese of Hamilton! We offer thanks to God for the blessing of such an impressive Cathedral!

Fr. David Wynen, rector of the Cathedral Basilica, delivered a powerful homily written by His Excellency, Bishop Douglas Crosby, OMI. In the homily, he remarks:

...we can say that day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, good people spill out of this Cathedral; no, they are sent out of this Cathedral, commissioned to live as Jesus teaches – reaching out and caring for the poor, doing acts of kindness and extraordinary goodness, and, quite simply, “renewing the face of the earth!”

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