Over 125 years later St. Joseph's Healthcare continues it's legacy of Compassionate Care

Over 125 years later St. Joseph's Healthcare continues it's legacy of Compassionate Care

On Tuesday, October 3rd, St. Joseph's Hospital hosted it's 2017 Sisters of St. Joseph's Mission Legacy Awards. The awards highlighted 10 individuals and two teams who have contributed to continuing the legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph's Ministry at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton.

The event began with remarks from Dr. David Higgins, President, Dr. Kevin Smith, President and CEO, Mr. Adrian Korstanje, Vice Chair, Board of Governors, Sister Anne Anderson, Chair, Board of Directors and Bishop Crosby who had the opportunity to bless the recipients.

"You are us. You are the new Sisters of St. Joseph's" Sister Anne addressed the recipients as she explained the history of the hospital and it's mission- "Compassionate Care for All".

The Sisters of St. Joseph's first came to Hamilton in 1852 and with the onset of a cholera epidemic they began their healthcare mission working in hazardous conditions in railway sheds near the harbour. In 1890 the sisters purchased "Undermount" the residence of Bishop Dowling and turned it into a 25 bed hospital on John Street.

Over the years St. Joseph's Healthcare has continued to advance and reach a range of achievements in respiratory health, cancer surgery, nephrology and mental health. With the appointment of legendary clinical and scientific leaders and the constant advances in innovative technology the hospital has continued to provide exceptional health care to all patients. However, as Dr. Kevin Smith said, "Without kindness, compassion, human dignity and caring, technology leaves us hollow." And it is the compassion, kindness and overall humanity displayed by those who work for the hospital that have kept the legacy strong. In Bishop Crosby's remarks he said that this celebration highlighted the human side of the hospital and "humanity is the best part of this hospital". 

St. Joseph's Healthcare was the 3rd part of the system founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph's. The first two were St. Joseph's Health Centre in 1861 and St. Joseph's Villa established in 1879. 

St. Joseph's Villa will host it's Mission Legacy Awards on Thursday, October 12th.

Below are the winners from the St. Joseph's Healthcare Mission Legacy Awards:


Dr. Anthony Adili
Admission Avoidance Team
Dr. William (Bill) Bensen (Posthumous)
Ms. France Clarke
Mr. Ron Foxcroft
Ms. Kim Harper
Ms. Myrtle Inwood
Mr. Terry McGurk
Ms. Elizabeth Toke (Posthumous)
Ms. Maureen Weatherston
Dr. Bob Zipursky