Insects in the Bible at the RBG

Insects in the Bible at the RBG

6 Volumes of the Saint John's Bible were on display on March 11 at the Royal Botanical Gardens.  

The event was put together by the Diocese of Hamilton in partnership with St. Jerome's University and the Royal Botanical Gardens. This rare opportunity featured talks from Sabrina Hall of the Royal Botanical Gardens, and Father Michael Patella, OSB, chair of Committee on Illumination and Text for the Saint John's Bible.

Sabrina, an entomologist for the RBG kicked off the event by discussing a variety of different types of bugs, from insects like the mantis, beetles and butterflies to a variety of arachnids. Sabrina discussed their role here on Earth, their biology and what they contribute to in our life. 

Father Patella was able to give us amazing insight into the artwork in the Saint John's Bible. He talked about the metaphors of the artwork and what the bugs represent in the bible. He spoke about how they are related to our world today and what kinds of messages were being communicated through the images that we see.

The event was wrapped up with an opportunity to view the artwork in each of the 6 volumes that were present. Attendees were able to speak with the 6 representatives from the Diocese and St. Jerome's who were able to answer questions and give a breadth of information about the Saint John's Bible. This also allowed people an opportunity to speak with Father Patella who was able to offer insight into why specific images were chosen for the illuminations and what their meanings were.

See below for photos.