Diocese of Hamilton Student Awards:  Dominique Sousa

Diocese of Hamilton Student Awards: Dominique Sousa

Monsignor Doyle Catholic Secondary School

Dominique Sousa is an outstanding asset to Monsignor Doyle Catholic Secondary School community with her loving, thoughtful nature and winning smile. Dominique is an enthusiastic, faith filled, caring individual who is always asking, “How can I help?” Her compassion and concern for all is evident in her many roles in the school as well as the local community. Dominique continually lives out the Gospel messages of love and respect for all people.  

Dominique, has demonstrated her Catholic values in many ways within the school and in the community. She can be found honouring and serving the Lord in thought and action through proclaiming the readings during Mass, serving at the Altar, and sharing reflections and prayers at all significant liturgical celebrations. Her energy and enthusiasm and true love for her fellow students finds her actively participating in Eco-Schools projects that build awareness around love and care for our common home. Dominique also demonstrates her preference for the poor through her involvement in Social Justice Club. Dominique is also an active member of the Generation for Life pro-life group and has shown her commitment to respecting life through joining in the March for Life in Ottawa.

Dominique demonstrates leadership through the Retreat Transition Program and the Grade 9 Link Transition Week which ensures that future students, and new students feel valued and find a place in their future school community. Dominique is an active member of St Ambrose Parish. In the evenings and weekends, she can be found altar serving and also acting as spokesperson for Monsignor Doyle High School in the Parish. Dominique regularly volunteers at St Andrews Terrace Long Term Care Facility where she assists staff in the care of residents.

Dominique’s own active faith life gives a powerful witness of living the gospel message to all students at Monsignor Doyle.


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