The 2017 Chrism Mass

The 2017 Chrism Mass

On Monday, April 10th, Bishop Crosby led the celebration of the Chrism Mass. The mass was concelebrated with Bishop Miehm, Most Reverend Anthony F. Tonnos, DD, Bishop Emeritus of Hamilton, Most Reverend Matthew F. Ustrzycki, DD, Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Hamilton and over 230 priests!

The Chrism Mass is a Holy Week tradition. The sacred oils used for sacramental purposes throughout the diocese are blessed.

The Holy Chrism consecrated by the Bishop is used to anoint the newly-baptized, to seal the faithful in Confirmation, and to anoint the hands of Priests and the heads of Bishops at their Ordination. In addition, the Chrism is used in the rites associated with the dedication of churches and altars. The Oil of Catechumens is used to bring strength to those preparing for Baptism. The Oil of the Sick is used to bring comfort and support to the sick in their infirmity.

During the Mass, priests from across the Diocese renew their priestly promise. This renewal, and their participation in the consecration of the oils displays the unity of the Body of Christ which gathers to worship God in spirit and in truth.

The Ministers at the Altar were seminarians from the Diocese.

Reverend Mr. Ross Campbell (who will be ordained into the priesthood this May) participated as the Deacon of the Word and Altar.

Marion Thomson Howell, who proclaimed the first reading was from St. Francis of Assisi in Kitchener, as a way to mark Fr. Joseph’s 25th anniversary.

Bradley Lacey, from Mary Immaculate in Chepstow, proclaimed the second reading, to mark Fr. Luc Payette's 25th anniversary.

In continuing with marking significant anniversaries, gift bearers Paul and Jakki Jeffs from the Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate in Guelph signified Fr. McSharry's 25th anniversary as well.

Presentation of the Oils:
Oil for the Sick
Reverend Mr. David Avila - being ordained to the priesthood this May
Reverend Ted Hughes - Pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Waterloo

Oil for Catechumens
Reverend Mr. Kevin D'Souza - being ordained to the priesthood this May
Ivana and Eliana Ndangam - Regina Mundi Parish, Hamilton

Oil for Sacred Chrism
Reverend Mr. Paul Jamroz - being ordained to the priesthood this May
Jonas Terpstra, St. John Parish, Dundalk