2022 Easter Message

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

We will soon celebrate Easter, the high point of our liturgical year. As Spring breaks in around us, we marvel at the almost magical appearance of new life pushing up through the ground and out of the branches in the trees. The birds sing as they build nests and prepare to lay eggs and welcome new life!

Throughout the season of Lent we were horrified by the shocking death and destruction of the war in Ukraine. The remarkable courage of the Ukrainian leader, the brave soldiers, and the committed citizens have given us heart and hope that they might actually succeed in saving their homeland.

The Delegation of Indigenous First Nations, Inuit, and Metis representatives to The Vatican to meet with Pope Francis also lifted our hearts and gave us fresh hope that a new relationship is possible. The possibility of a Papal visit to the Indigenous peoples at Lac Ste. Anne, Alberta, provides us more opportunity for such hope.

We celebrate our greatest hope at Easter – the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The Resurrection is for us an eternal wellspring of hope. No matter how dark, how desperate, how impossible a situation we find ourselves in – if we look to the Lord who has conquered even death, there is always reason for hope.

Easter reminds us that even death does not have the final say. “Where He has gone, we hope to follow!” As I get older, I know more and more people who have made that journey. I think of them and pray for them especially during the Easter season.

I pray for you sisters and brothers in Christ, for you our Parish Priests, in gratitude for your faithful, creative, and generous service especially during these past two difficult years; for the Parish Secretaries, Pastoral Workers, and volunteers who make our Parishes places of hope and joy; and for all those who long for our prayers – that they too may experience the healing love of the Lord.

Happy Easter, my friends. Pray for Pope Francis – he always asks us to do so. And pray for me!

Sincerely in the Risen Christ,
+Douglas Crosby, OMI
Bishop of Hamilton

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