2016 Christmas Letter

Dear friends in Christ,

Christmas has come.   For believers, the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem represents the victory of light over darkness, joy over sadness, hope over despair, love over hatred, peace over conflict, gratitude over misery, obedience over disobedience, and order over chaos.  The birth of Jesus Christ, Son of God, son of Mary, brings profound goodness to our world – each year and all year.  And it happened because Mary and Joseph listened for God’s direction in their lives, and were open to God’s prompting.

The scripture passages we read during the Advent days of preparation tell us that both Mary and Joseph were told of “God’s plan” – Mary by an angel, Joseph in a dream – and while they did not fully comprehend, they opened themselves completely and cooperated with God’s will.  That obedience changed their lives – and ours – forever!

We do everything to proclaim the Christmas message well:  Christmas music; Christmas décor; Christmas gifts; Christmas food.  It is all about love and goodness – which is the heart of Christ’s saving message to us.

May you, like Mary and Joseph, listen for God’s direction in your lives and be open to God’s prompting so that you may experience the love of Christ at Christmas!  And may you share that Christmas gift with others every day by word and deed.

Together with Bishop Daniel Miehm, and the entire personnel at the Chancery office, I wish you rich blessings this Christmas, and throughout 2017.

+ Douglas Crosby, OMI
(Most Rev.) Douglas Crosby, OMI
Bishop of Hamilton

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