Pastoral Letters

Bishop Crosby


2022 Christmas Message

Christmas is a time of familiarity. We sing familiar songs, share familiar greetings, we pray and gather and celebrate in all those ways to which we are accustomed. Yet does this familiarity numb us to the awe-inspiring reality of the Lord's Nativity? Look into the Christmas creche: what do we see here? The King of the Universe - lying helpless in a manger. The Lord God Almighty - wrapped in swaddling clothes. The Eternal Word - an infant, unable even to speak!  View PDF


2022 Easter Message

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ, We will soon celebrate Easter, the high point of our liturgical year. As Spring breaks in around us, we marvel at the almost magical appearance of new life pushing up through the ground and out of the branches in the trees. The birds sing as they build nests and prepare to lay eggs and welcome new life!  View PDF


2022 Lenten Message: Full of the Holy Spirit

During the forty days of Lent, we recall the forty days that Jesus spent in the desert. Scripture tells us that when he went into the desert he was "full of the Holy Spirit." He had been baptized in the Jordan River by John and when he came out of the water the heavens opened and the Spirit descended upon him in the form of a dove. The voice of God was heard "This is my Son, the beloved. In him I am well pleased!" The Holy Spirit is the love between the Father and the Son.  View PDF


Regarding Indigenous Reconciliation Fund

Dear Brothers and Sisters, After significant work at both the national and local levels, I am pleased to provide an update on the participation of the Diocese of Hamilton in the national Indigenous Reconciliation Fund.  read more