Pastoral Letters

Bishop Crosby


2021 Christmas Message

The fact that we are now dealing with the Omicron variant of the pernicious COVID-19 virus is discouraging indeed. We have worked so hard to do what we can to “manage” the pandemic protocols, but the daily bad news of increased infections, after we thought we were getting ahead of things, makes it difficult to remain positive.  View PDF


2021 Year of the Family

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ in the Hamilton Diocese, Family is a powerful influence in our lives. The family models and lives the gifts of love, caring, compassion, humour, kindness and patience. It is in the family that we first learn about God and grow in faith, so we regard the family as the Domestic Church, the first community of faith for each person.  View PDF


To Inform, To Encourage, To Heal; Regarding Residential Schools

The sad legacy of Residential Schools and the reality that Catholic entities participated in the Government policy which removed Indigenous children from their families and from their culture has once again been brought to the attention of Canadians. The discovery of 215 bodies of children in graves beside a former Residential School in Kamloops has brought us face-to-face with the stark and tragic history that many Indigenous children in Residential Schools died. When they died, often their bodies were not returned to their families and communities for burial.  View PDF


2020 Christmas Message

Dear friends, As the Christmas feasts begin, I am pleased to send you greetings in the form of an excerpt from the 2019 Christmas homily of Pope Francis...  View PDF