Program Director
Diocese of Hamilton Catholic Leadership Program

The Catholic Leadership Program Director is responsible for the management, co-ordination, and administration of all activities related to the organization and delivery of the Diocese of Hamilton Catholic Leadership Program (DHCLP), which operates under the Diocese of Hamilton Catholic Education Partnership. The DHCLP Director will liaise with key provincial and Catholic partners in order to promote and expand the program, and to ensure that the needs of Catholic emerging leaders in Catholic institutions and education partners in the Diocese of Hamilton are being met.

The Diocese of Hamilton Catholic Leadership Program is designed to build a foundation in theological reflection, nurture personal faith life, and form and shape an underlying ecclesiology that emerging leaders in Catholic institutions can bring to their work. Candidates will participate in a two-year program composed of nine modules that include three cohort conversations with Bishop Douglas Crosby. Each module will include a “head, heart, and hands” approach, integrating knowledge of our Catholic faith, critical reflection, the nurturing of the spiritual growth of participants, both personally and in community, and the living out of our faith in our particular contexts. Upon completion of the program candidates will have a deeper understanding of themselves as faith-filled Christians within the life of the church and their own Catholic community.

Contract Position: 3 year term; with a one year extension by mutual agreement

Remuneration:  $500.00 per day, up to a maximum of 30 days per annum

Position Commences: September 1st, 2015 or by mutual agreement

The successful candidate will:

  • be and remain in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church
  • have a strong theological and ecclesiological background
  • have demonstrated successful leadership in Catholic institutions with a strong knowledge of Catholic education in Ontario
  • strong knowledge of Church teaching and writings
  • have demonstrated experience and ability in program design and delivery, professional development, and facilitation skills
  • have excellent communication skills both written and oral
  • have proven abilities in the use of current communication technology
  • belong to a parish in the Diocese of Hamilton

Reports to: Diocese of Hamilton 

The Diocese of Hamilton Catholic Leadership Program will run from July 2016 — July 2018 in a module format. The Director’s work will involve some preparation work prior to the commencement of the program and include some follow-up work at the conclusion of the program. 

Program Objectives

This two-year program recognizes that Catholic leadership requires us to reflect critically on: our inheritance — our stories, our history, and our spiritualities; the ways in which we are part of our heritage; our contemporary culture; the ways in which we are called to ongoing spiritual growth; Pope Francis’ invitation to build a culture of encounter; the meaning of our commitment to leadership and to community.

The program will provide participants with the opportunity to:   

  • Build community
  • Nurture our personal and communal faith
  • Critically reflect on the meaning, value, and significance of Catholic leadership in the church and the world
  • Discover the gifts that we bring to leadership as individuals and as a community of faith
  • Develop a contemplative way of seeing and living
  • Build community
  • Confront the challenges that are an inevitable part of spiritual growth
  • Develop their understanding of the stages of spiritual development
  • Discern how we are called to live out servant leadership

Key Accountabilities

Catholic Partnerships

The Director liaises and networks with Catholic institutions and education partners to support and enhance faith development and Catholic leadership.  The Director develops and delivers the DHCLP in accordance with Church teaching and writings about the mission and ministry of the Catholic schools and institutions in the Diocese of Hamilton, and in conjunction with the Catholic Education Partnership Committee.

Program Coordination 

Assesses, screens, and accepts participants into the program. Coordinates and supports participant progress through ongoing communication with individuals throughout the course of the program.  Provides hospitality and support to all participants, module leaders/instructors and speakers.  Ensures that the course syllabus covers all content matters mutually agreed upon by the Diocese of Hamilton Catholic Education Partnership.  Schedules module workshops, instructors, and facilities; assists instructors with course setup and other training/module specific requirements. Communicates ongoing feedback to instructors, speakers and participants.  Markets the program through School Boards, education networks in the Diocese of Hamilton, Catholic organizations and institutions, various Catholic partners, and related print and social media.  Ensures and is accountable for the overall smooth progress of the program. 

Financial Responsibility

Prepares annual budget for the program for approval by the Diocese of Hamilton, or its designate, and carries overall budget responsibility throughout. Maintains budget records, program inventory, including program materials and gifts, and arranges for the purchase of supplies and materials as necessary. Monitors program expenditures and maintains budget information. Presents a financial statement to the Diocese of Hamilton, or its designate.

Administrative Responsibility

Maintains accurate records and files, including participant, instructor and program partner contacts and agreements. Contributes to the design, development and ongoing review of the program to ensure that academic and pastoral best practices are in place. Coordinates promotional and other materials (posters, flyers), bulletins, booklets, and correspondence, proofreads, edits, and formats materials to ensure consistency of communication. Ensures that materials are distributed appropriately. Maintains participant and program files and filing systems. Responds to communication inquiries regarding specific issues and activities for the program.  Ensures that participant records are kept up to date for educational partners. Coordinates and provides certificates for participants upon successful completion of the program. Shares updates with the Diocese of Hamilton Catholic Education Partnership.

Networking / Communications Responsibility

Liaises with education and community partners within the Diocese of Hamilton, to support and share information regarding the program. Remains current in publications, using the Internet, and participating in professional organizations and networks.