Heart to Heart - February 2021

Bishop Crosby's weekly letter to clergy and parishioners in the Diocese.


PLEASE PRAY FOR POPE FRANCIS as he prepares to make an apostolic journey next week to the Christian communities of Iraq which have suffered grievously over the past 20+ years. The Holy Father intends his trip to be a sign of solidarity and encouragement for the beleaguered Iraqi Christians – and there are considerable risks associated with the trip. Please keep him – and them – in your prayers. “Ask and you will receive!”

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LENT HAS BEGUN! Churches throughout the Dioceses are open (at 30% capacity) to welcome parishioners for prayer and worship. It will take some time for people to feel secure enough to return, so it is vitally important that Parishes follow rigorously the protocols prepared by the Chancery officials. We want to assure the safety of parishioners and their good health – physical and spiritual! Thank you to Pastors and Pastoral Teams for the care and attention you give to assuring a safe environment!

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NEXT WEDNESDAY IS ASH WEDNESDAY! We pray that we will once again be able to open our parish churches (30% capacity) for Lent beginning on Ash Wednesday. The Diocesan Liturgy Office has forwarded to Pastors directions from the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments as to how to safely administer the ashes during this time of pandemic protocols. Once we receive the notice of lifting of the “stay-at-home” order, we will communicate directly with Parish Priests. We pray to the Lord!

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